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Welcome to the Kulicke Jewelry School

Learn the Art of Jewelry making


updated 8-5-2020

Classes Start January 7th 2020

Learn the skills to realize your ideas in silver, gold, gemstones and enamel

Jewelry Making classes in Wayne New Jersey, USA

Classes all year

130 Ryerson Ave. Suite 203

Classes held on Tuesdays

11 am to 2 pm

2:30 to 5:30 pm

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7 three hours classes Tuition $595

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Rose Cut diamond surrounded by flush set diamonds. 20k gold ring by Fredricka Kulicke

Classes held all year round         classes are always 3 hours long


2020 Classes

Next Session

January 7th to February 25th 2020


7 weeks, Tuition $595. (for 7 three hour classes, once a week)    Closed February 18th

Choose from Tuesday 11-2 or 2:30 to 5:30 

Evening class available, let me know what time you can arrive

Occasional Weekend Workshops taught on specific techniques

March 3rd to  April 28th

9 weeks, $765.  no scheduled holidays. let me know if you can't come all 9 weeks. 

May 5th to June 30th
9 weeks, $765

Summer Class times coming soon. 

Fredricka Kulicke

I've been making jewelry since my father, Robert Kulicke, started experimenting with cloisonné enamel and granulation when I was a child, around 1960. I was his first apprentice.

He was a fantastic teacher. With infectious enthusiasm, he guiding his students through ancient goldsmithing techniques. Bob was also great fun to be with! His goal was to upgrade and inform modern jewelry with a sense of history. A 5,000 year long history of highly sophisticated styling and skilled technique. Proudly, I continue his work and love sharing my knowledge and skills. Being a goldsmith makes me a better teacher and vice versa. I've gotten to know many wonderful people from all over the world through my school.

Pear Jewel designed by Robert Kulicke  executed by Fredricka Kulicke


Contact Fredricka with any questions about classes, email or TXT - 201-230-2973