Fredricka Kulicke School of Jewelry Art

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#1 Question: Can I start at any time, or do I have to wait for the next session to begin?
     Answer: You can start at any time. Tuition would be prorated. that is, you pay for remaining classes within that session.

#2 Question: Can I make up missed classes.
     Answer: Students need to make a commitment to come to class. Please be sure you can come or you will lose your tuition money. Exceptions will be made if you are ill.  I always schedule make ups If I cancel for snow or other bad weather. 
#3 Question: If I start the session late or miss a class will I fall behind and miss instruction?
     Answer. NO, each student receives individual attention. People progress at their own rate.

#4 Question: Do I have to have previous jewelrymaking experience?
     Answer. No you don't. We are geared toward teaching newcomers.

#5 Question: Do you teach wax carving and casting?
     Answer. We teach hand fabricated jewelrymaking. That is working directly with silver and gold to cut and shape metels pieces and solder or fuse them together into a piece of jewelry.
We do not carve wax. Hand fabricated jewelry can be used as a model for casting.

#6 Question: Do you have a brochure you can send me?
     Answer: We do not currently have a brochure with any more information than is on the website.
The website is updated regularly and is the best way to keep up-to-the minute class information available to current and prospective students.
#7 Question: Can I try out One Class before making a commitment? 
     Answer: Yes, of course. Everyone who has requested this, finds out during their first class, that they have immediate hands-on instruction and learn a great deal very quickly.
Pay tuition for one class. $85 for 3 hour class. 
#8 Question: My daughter is 12.5 and very interested in jewelry making. Are your classes suitable for a very dedicated and serious young teen?
      Answer: YES! My father started teaching me when I was 10 years old. Kids learn faster and easier than adults. 
      My classes are small and I cannot offer separate childrens classes. But serious kids are welcome to join my adult classes.
#9 Question:  I was wondering if I can come and visit your school before enrolling. 
      Answer:  YES. Please email or call so I know when to expect you, But everyone who is considering taking classes is welcome to visit the school and talk to Fredricka and her students.
 #10  Question:  Will I learn everything you teach in 10 weeks.
           Answer: Definitly NO.  There are so many things to learn, that would be impossible. The year is divided into 2 month sessions for convenience.  Most serious students take classes with me for several years. These are professional grade classes that require a level of commitment, in time, attention and funds. Funds for tuition, metals, gemstones and tools.