Supplies tools and metals

New Students, Please arrive with Silver.  See below for list of silver items and suppliers.

Other Supplies:

Sketch Pad and pencils

00 very small pointed hair paint brushes

6 sheets, 8 1/2" x 11", 320 sandpaper, black, wet or dry (from Hardware Stores)

Old kitchen towel

These are the hand tools all students will need. New students can borrow until they can be purchased.

Round Nose pliers

Chain Nose pliers

set of 6 #2 cut needle files     get  61/4 inch long needle files or 8 inch needle  files

set of 6 #4 cut needle files               ""                                                      ""

#2 cut 1/2 round ring file, 8  inch

large tweezer

small tweezer

Goldsmith Scissors

wire cutter, flush 

charcoal blocks, 2

small drill bits #68 & # 60

#2/0 saw blades

Gemstones, gem beads, pearls for making jewelry if you have anything. Otherwise, we have an assortment. 

Silver needed, ´╗┐silver comes soft. half hard and hard. Always buy SOFT silver (annealed), if possible, or 1/4 hard

Fine Silver Sheet, 18 gauge, optional   24 gauge, 6 inches x 3 inches  (or smaller amount)

Fine Silver round wire, 18gauge, 20 gauge and 22 gauge, 10 feet each gauge

Sterling Silver round wire, 18 gauge & 20 gauge, 1 f00t each

( Thicker) Sterling Silver Wire  ( for rings, bangles etc) , 2 x 4 mm rectangle 2 feet OR OTHER SHAPED STERLING WIRE FOR RINGS, YOUR CHOICE. 

Silver solder, (sheet or 20 gauge wire) Hard, Medium and Easy


 Bandeli Jewelry Supply, LLC      1 mile from Jewelry School  CALL BEFORE GOING THERE!

577 Newark Pompton Tpke

Wayne NJ 07470

973-709-0300      email:


Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM   800-545-6566